The strongest hold
in the freezing cold

Product features

Aluminium tapes are used for heat insulating to provide high performance insulation for pipe work and ducting. The ALU130FSA is an aluminium foil tape coated with a special cold weather acrylic adhesive. This adhesive combines high quick adhesion at low, normal and high temperatures along with excellent long term performance at low temperatures and high humidity environments.

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The aluminium tape is suitable for sealing ventilation systems (HVAC) aluminium coatded insulation elements and cold storage space insulation, due to its excellent resistancy.



The aluminium tape is developed with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive which is perfectly suitable to seal the joints for mineral wool.



Product features

- Special flame retardant adhesive
- High tack and good permanent bonding properties
- Outstanding temperature and aging resistance
- UL 723 Approval & meets BS 476 Class 0

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The solution for the best execution

Product features

- Double sided dispenser for aluminium tapes
- Work less, do more!
- Reduce labour effort
- Save time, spare costs

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